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Maximize profits in factory manufactured knife collecting. Owner dan wallace died in 1960, which caused the company to change hands a number of times before finally being sold to cole national corporation in 1966. So far i have one of every marking variation that i. Apr 27, 2012 i have a robeson cutlery company rcc united states navy mk2 combat knife. I have used one on a 1943 blade marked camillus usn mk2, a 1970s camillus 5684 mk2 and a current production kabar 1225 usn. Kabar is the contemporary popular name for the combat knife first adopted by the united states marine corps in november 1942 as the 1219c2 combat knife later designated the usmc mark 2 combat knife or knife, fighting utility, and subsequently adopted by the united states navy as the u. However, only a fraction of those are known today and even fewer used on a regular basis. Some of the more prominent tang stamps are listed below. This book is a must have for collectors who are interested in studying antique cutlery collectibles as they were described to merchants and customers. Wwii us mk2 navy usn roberson cutlery rcc knife with. For the united states navy and the united states navy seals for that matter the ontario mark 3 navy mkiii combat knife fulfills this purpose it is. The butt of the knife is marked bill tate usn uss munda 104. Military fighting knives, third edition, on page 87 and is guard. A accurate hand made copy of the original brown leather sheath for the navy mk2 or kabar knife.

One of my nonbayonet edged weapon sidelines is the ww2 navy mark 2 knife, in large part because my father brought his back from ww2 and it was one of the first two military knives i ever had the other was his mark 1. Prominent kabar tang stamps since 1898 john jay kabar kabar, olean n. Exceptional, in my opinion, usn navy ww2 ww11 wwii mk. Usn mk2 fighting knife by rcc for sale by wildwood inc on gunsamerica 917695726. These have a thick pommel that is most often peened on to the blade. There seem to be a lot of issued knives from various sources since then.

Wwii kabar usn mk2 mark 2 fighting survival knife wscabbardnice kabar set. These knifes were used by navy seal and udt teams, often with mk mod 0 signal flare taped to the scabbord. M3 fighting knife with m6 scabbard includes uk delivery. Overall length of this mk2 is 12 inches, with a 7 inch clippoint blade. The second version is about the most sought after of the usn mk 2 knives. Vintage military knife rcc usn mk2 fighting knife youtube. There are more than 50 brands in this edition with each illustrated knife having a 2010 collector value listed. The new design was deemed acceptable, hence the designation usn fighting knife, mark 2. The combat knife is the warfighters last line of defense and can also serve as a personal ally of sorts when attempting to survive apart from hisher squad or forward operating base fob. Wwii us camillus mk 2 fighting knife a fighting knife, also commonly called a combat knife, is a knife designed for military use, specifically for close combat. I have a question regarding the blade stamped usn mk2 kabar knives.

This new company had experience in the retail sector, so it began trying to make kabar into a stronger brand. Callaghan, usn june 11, 1944 may 14, 1945 captain stuart s. Jan 26, 2010 there are more than 50 brands in this edition with each illustrated knife having a 2010 collector value listed. A price guide is included here to address this question. Us wwii camillus usn mk2 fighting knife trench early screw pommel. The earliest ww2 mark 2 kabar fighting knives were marked kabar over olean ny. I have a robeson cutlery company rcc united states navy mk2 combat knife. This fighting knife is in very good original condition. World war two era brown leather sheath for us navy mark 2.

World war two style brown leather sheath for us navy mark 2. Ww2 1943 m3 camillus fighting knife blade marked with beckwith b. The knife is marked on the blade side of the guard ka over bar, and usn over mk2, it has a stacked leather hand grip, with a woven cord at the hilt. The blade has been sharpened a lot, but is still in good condition. Ww2 navy usn mk2 mark 2 camillus knife wsheath belt. This knife and another similar mark 2 meant for underwater work were issued with the usnmk2 scabbard with a gray molded plastic body and a gray webbing hanger.

Navy survival kit knife, colonial number 2 manufactured by colonial of providence, r. The nord 6581 indicate the knife was produced and issued between july 1944 and april 1945. World war two era brown leather sheath for us navy mark 2 mk 2 or kabar knife. This another wwii utility knife issued by the navy. Iron throat is marked on front usn mk2 in two lines while the opposite side has nord4723, b. Very good, original wwii us navy mk2 fighting knife. These knifes were used by navy seal and udt teams, often with. Kabar is also the name of a related manufacturing company most known for the same 11 34inch fighting and utility bowie knife adopted by the united states marine corps and united states navy as the usn fighting knife mark ii. Interview with knife world magazine editor, mark zalesky. Very good, wwii guard marked kabar usn mk2 fighting knife. We can also research your cutlery for historical, age and patent information.

There are an estimate 200 kabar tang stamps used since 1898. Camillus new york 2 blade black electricians pocket knife uscg usn 197677. Although since the end of trench warfare, most military knives have been primarily designed for utility or tool use. If you have any suggestions on something that should be changed please feel free to comment them, it will help a lot with making sure the values are as accurate as possible. Knife related articles contributed by the fine members of aapk. Its really hard to unpublish a very prolifically produced book, such as coles 1,2,3 or 4. Hello, i have this military knife with a hard sheath. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and. Do you want a 1219c2 usmc version or a usnmk2 navy. The later ww2 mark 2s were marked kabar only on one side of the blade, and these usually have a thin pommel that is pinned to the blade. The usn mk2 knife was used extensively during wwii. Question about military knife,usn mark 1 the ebay community. Save usn mark 2 knife camillus to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed.

Camillus original ww ii us edged weapons for sale ebay. Leather grip has initials dotted into it, otherwise its very good wgood clean, tight pommel. Camillus redesigned the knife, replacing the threaded nut with a steel pin. Searchable appraisal guide to current market values for pocket knives. C on one side of the pommel and usn mk2 on the other side of the pommel. This exact knife is pictured on page 173 of mike silveys wwii book wwii knuckle knife. Murray, usn may 14, 1945 november 6, 1945 captain roscoe h. The handle is aluminum with checkered grips and is cast to the blade. The markings on the hand guard are as follows usn mk2 and on the opposite side. This example was made by the union cutlery company of olean ny, whose trademark kabar is on on the knife.

Browse the aapk knife price guide for estimated values. Wwii us mk2 navy usn roberson cutlery rcc knife with sheath. Kabar was a fighting and utility knife issued to american armed forces including the marines and navy. In this video we compare new knives from ka bar and colonial to ww2 era knives. Part of that process involved focusing on folding knives and some of its past. Camping survival, woodworking jointer, woodworking books, fine woodworking, survival knife, survival tips.

Buying or selling without iguide could be hazardous to your wealth. Navy rcc, robeson utility fighting knife in very good condition. This is a figthing knife used by the united states armed forces during world war two. World war two style brown leather sheath for us navy mark. They were simply designed as the replacement for the time tested usn mkii kabar as the general purpose fightingutility knife. The knife had a heavy, threaded butt and because of minor design flaws was promptly returned to the factory.

Belt is in good condition, adjustable buckle, still working, some light tear of the fabric on the belt around the edges, close to the buckle. Perfect replacement for your missing or damaged original. The sheath and the knife both have lots of marks including usn mark 1 on both. I have seen them with just kabar, and i have seen kabar over olean ny. Knife appraisals or evaluations are free to our customers. Wwii us navy mk2 fighting knife usn mark 2 rcc woriginal. Blade retains most, in my opinion, of original blue finish with the usual loss of blueing from being removed and replaced in the sheath. The blade shows period sharping and the entire knife.

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