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Product licensee of trademark sylvania in general lighting. This naed number in this catalog is labeled product number and should be used when ordering osram sylvania products. Sylvania quicktronic 49429 compact fluorescent ballast 120. Lamp striation control normal ballast factor professional series q t p t 8 isn sylvania quicktronic professional series products are typically used in oem original equipment manufacturers standard fixtures and tradedistributor basic stocked products for replacement. You would have to hook it up to a computer, and the software which copies the record to the computer can make it mp3. Buy sylvania 49945 qtp3x32t8unvisnsc t8 fluorescent ballast at.

Vap0r1b040unvd84 vap0r1b040unvd84048ecgr74376 ledvance llc vapor1b040unvd84048ecgr. This 2x4 edgelit led panel produces 110 lumens per watt, 4200 lumens, and is equivalent to 3x28w 3x32w t8 fluorescent bulbs. It is ready with 010v dimming for additional energy savings and is dlc rated. Sylvania quicktronic 49429 compact fluorescent ballast. Iesna progress report accepted osram sylvania products a proud legacy of achievement. Please keep image files under 1mb in size and pdf files. Sylvania smart led mr16 adjustable white lamp substitube led t5ho lamp ultra led night and day a19 lamp ultra led ho par lamps sylvania smart led edgelit panel sylvania smart led pro flexible strip rgbw sylvania smart led rt56 ho recessed downlight founding and governing member since 2008 2015 design journal adex awards. Separate one page or a whole set for easy conversion into independent pdf files. Our product catalogs provide specifications on the wide range of sylvania branded offerings. Sylvania led recessed downlights october 2017 item number description click description for pib energy star wattage lumens cct cri lifetime replaces rt4, rt5, rt6, lightdisk 70520 ledrt4550827 no 8 550 2700k 80 1 50w incandescent 70521 ledrt4550830 no 8 550 3000k 80 1 50w incandescent. The sylvania ultra rt56 led recessed downlight is a great choice for new construction or any retrofit application. Sylvania 73397 ledrt56900830fl80 ultra rt56 recessed. Symbolsfootnotes on page 124 1 sylvania dulux compact fluorescent cross reference dulux t naed sylvania nema generic ge philips wattage base 20756 cf18dt827 cfq18wgx24d827 18 gx24 d2 20752 cf26dt827 cfq26wgx24d827 26 gx24 d3 dulux te.

Weve got sylvania qhe2x40dlunvisnsc electronic ballast, compact fluorescent, 2lamp, 40w, 120277v at wholesale prices at rexel usa register. Residential healthcare hospitality office property management retail the sylvania ultra rt6 is a sixinch led recessed downlight kit creating high performing white light and is optimized for new construction and retrofit applications. Sylvania 49429 qhe2x40dlunvisn sc t8 fluorescent ballast by sylvania. Ultra rt6 led recessed downlight kit c us l e a d fr market segments.

Extruded aluminum frame with sheet metal back plate, earthquake clips and diffused flat lens. Quicktronic instant start dl40 universal voltage systems. The inner lamp is the tungsten halogen capsule that is made from either glass or quartz and contains a filament, lead wires and a halogen gas mixture. Lutron recommended products performance verified with up to 11 fixtures per control. Naed a fivedigit number used to identify a specific osram sylvania lamp. Rearrange individual pages or entire files in the desired order. European patent bulletin 201915 european patent office. Cross reference guide for stock mayer electric supply. Led technology notice due to constantly evolving nature of led technology, manufacturers will reserve the right to replace this product with next generation technology.

These lamps have a 25 degree beam spread and are considered a spot lamp. Use the lighting layout tool below to adjust desired footcandles, reflectances, room size and more to upgrade an application or build a new space with the right product and maximized energy savings. Twopiece cast aluminum alloy housing with powder coat paint finish and a glass lens. Navigating legal pathways to ratefunded customer assistance. The small lamp diameter and ballast profile provide. Sylvania manufacturers part number cf23elspiral84126358 description t2 23w compact fluorescen slang terms suggest a new term similar brands category unassigned classification fluorescent unspsc 39101619 compact fluorescent cfl lamps upcgtin. Ledvance is the global leader in lamp and ballast lighting systems we offer innovative and costeffective, evergy saving, electronic fluorescent systems in instant start, programmed start and controllable ballasts in a variety of ballast factors. The sylvania 7in1 retro system record player does not have the ability to directly convert vinyl records into mp3 files. Qhe2x40dlunv isnsc sylvania 49429 two ft40dl lamps. Osram sylvania uses methodology that typically provides a 1. Normal ballast factor lamp ballast guide system information 40w t5 dulux l lamps 1 lamp qhe 1x40dlunv isnsc 2 lamp qhe 2x40dlunv isnsc 3lamp qhe 3x40dlunv isnsc primary lamp type. This sylvania 74530 vapor1a025unvd84024ecgr is a vapor tight 1a, 25 watts, 4000k, 120277v, 010v dimmable, etched lens, canopy distribution, gray finish. But, in the legal documents, uniform refers to the rates being the same or equal for different.

They are suitable for track, recessed, and down lighting. Sylvania 45watt r20 volt incandescent inside frost flood light bulb 6pack provides quality light. Please keep image files under 1mb in size and pdf files under. Sylvania 49947 120277v electronic ballast brochure. Vapor1b040unvd84048ecgr led vaportite lite, smd lamp, polycarbonate housing material, 120 v, 40 w, 5300 lm brightness lumens, 80, 4000 k, gray housing color, gray, 48. Sylvania model number lutron products not in this list can be considered to be not recommended, based on our testing. The added energy savings also provides for a quicker payback. It also has a rated life of 50,000 hours and gives off a low glare uniform 4000k light.

View and download sylvania sdpf1079 user manual online. Sylvania portable dvd player with 7 lcd screen operating manual. Ideal for use in normal light areas, this instant start ballast is typically used in offices, board rooms, and retail. Iesna progress report accepted osram sylvania products. Quicktronic t8 instant start universal voltage systems lamp. Sylvania quicktronic 49429 2 lamp 40 watt cfl 120277 volt instant start 0. Sylvania quicktronic instant start dl40 ballast specifications. Sylvania 49429 qhe 2x40dlunv isnsc 40w quicktronic high. This dimmable fixture operates at watt and features a 5 and 6 inch housing. Producing a 3000kcolor temperature, this downlight replaces a 75 watt incandescent while reducing energy consumption by up to 84%. Cf23elspiral8412 cf23elspiral84126358 sylvania t2 23w compact fluorescen. The sylvania 49429 electronic fluorescent ballast operates 2 40 watt cfl lamps at 120277 input volts. Sylvania 49429 qhe2x40unvdlisnsc 2 lamp tt5 120277v instant start 1. Ballast 2 ft40w 120277v 49429 sylvania brand qhe2x40dlunvisnsc electronic pll ballast.

See osram sylvania system performance guide for data on other lamp. Gtl sylvania catalog gte sylvania by synscon issuu. Octron t8 lamps with maximum efficacy and high lumen output, and. The outer lamp or jacket is made from a heavy walled borosilicate glass. The frosted surface around edges helps to direct light in specific direction. Sylvania 49429 qhe2x40dlunvisn sc t8 fluorescent ballast electrical ballasts. These systems provide over 30% more lumen output than 34t12 ubend systems at nearly the same power input. Sylvania quicktronic high efficiency qhe instant start dulux l 40w ballasts save up to 6 to 9% over standard electronic ballasts without compromising light output or lamp life. The 1st set of digits may represent the distributor in this case 11 digital gadgets sylvania and 12 disgo 6000 the 2nd digit may denote its a 7 tablet is a complete guess. Find the portable media user manual you need at manualsonline. Capsylite halogen par lamps meets todays energy efficiency requirements. Included in our product portfolio are controllable metal halide and induction lamp and ballast.

The best prices on fluorescent tube lighting and more at. All registered trademarks property of osram sylvania, inc. Installation is done quickly and easily in most standard fourinch insulated ceiling ic, airtight at and. The best prices on energysaving compact fluorescent lighting and more at. Sylvania ledvance 41835fl 50ar11125fl osram halogen. They have a g53 base and are used in display track lighting.

Sylvania qhe 2x40dlunv isnsc 49429 2 lamp 40w t5 quicktronic ballast. Accepted osram sylvania products a proud legacy of achievement. Accepted products are featured in the committees progress report at the iesna annual conference and. The 3rd and 4th digits may guess denote the hardware withwithout auto. Hibay1a xxxxxx d 8 xx gr product name generation wattage voltage dimming cri color temp cct colorfinish hibay 1a 100 100 watts unv 120277v d 010v 8 80 40 4000k gr gray 200 200 watts 347 347v 50 5000k dimensions product features. Quicktronic t8 instant start universal voltage systems. The sylvania 49429 electronic fluorescent ballast powers 40 watt cfl lamps on 120277v. System dl40 is available in a one lamp, two lamp and a three lamp model. Lamp and ballast catalog osram sylvania see the world in a new light for more than 100 years, osram sylvania has been a leader in the development of innovative lighting. All are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards to best suit your lighting application requirements and all are backed by the sylvania brand, an industry leader in lighting solutions for over a century. Ballastshop has best deals on sylvania 49429 quicktronic qhe2x40dlunv isnsc 49429 that replaces the sylvania qt2x40120dl. This labeling format complies with the requirements of existing states legislation and has been designed to be universally applicable to all us states. The leader in halogen lamp technology halogen lamps are generally of the lamp within a lamp design. Each year, the progress committee of the illuminating engineering society of north america iesna solicits the lighting industry for product submissions.

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