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You can even use your iphoneipad when you are on the go. The ts 480 is probably the easiest rig to use among those that have a separate control head, but you must buy the remote rig boxes. Remote control software deluxe headphones small headphones lowpass filter hand microphone multifunction hand microphone desk microphone plug adaptor 8pin metal to rj45 extension cable kit 4 m ft dc cable. Send details of a channel instantly to the radio with simple control feature. Arhp10 this is the kenwood computer control program that allows a user to operate the 480 from a computer. When using ts480 via the cat port, it should be seen as any other kenwood radio.

The technical solution for ts480 is the same as for ic703706 and ts2000. Easy portabling remote need only transceiver front panel and any android smartphone. The really disappointing part is that the free w4mq software for my old ts 480 worked great and was easy to setup. Krs480 programming\control software for the kenwood ts480. You are also able to write the configured data on the pc to. When you press the power button on the panel, the radio comes to life at the remote side and sound and panel info flows across the. Most of arcss features work with linux if used in conjunction with the wine windows simulator. Kenwood arcp remote control programs make it possible to monitor kenwood model ts590, ts480, ts2000, and ts990s radios. All those transceivers is built in the way that that the control panel is working separated from the radio unit it self. Amateur radio control system arcs for the kenwood ts2000. The connectors are standard rj12 with 6 pin but if speaker is not used the rj11 can be used have only 4 of the 6 pins. If you have a computer in the shack, next to the 480, download the free software for remote control that kenwood offers for the 480. Arcp can also be used as part of the kenwood network command system to control a radio from a remote location. Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8.

To have the sdr program to synchronize with the frequency of your radio, you also need to connect a serial cable from your ts480 to your computer. This link is listed in our web site directory since wednesday dec 7 2011, and till today remoterig for ts480 has been followed for a total of 591 times. This software can be used on a pc for controlling the ts480. I have the control head at home so i control the rig as if it were in my shack here in lulea. The main category is kenwood ts 480 that is about kenwood ts 480 links. Ssb with smartphone microphone and transceiver in vox mode. This application can be used to edit, save, and export the ts 480 information such as memory, menu, and auto mode frequencies. Figures 1 and 2 from the ts590 and ts480 indepth manuals show the.

It can be with the kenwood network command system for remote operation of the ts 480. A quadmixer provides receiver dynamic range equivalent to that of the ts950class. The 480 is easy to configure for remote op with remoterig. Hi mike, sorry to hear about your surgery, btdt lol. The ch340 type works fine for me on windows 7, 8 and 10. My kenwood ts480 sat is shutting down and resetting when i try to transmit. Any transceiver that has ip capability is easily used for remote operation since it skips the step of having a local computer. Page 49 ts 480 installed on the host end might go into continuous transmission accidentally. Rc480 kit is an extra control head for ts480 head only this includes the face plate, otherwise known as the control head, cable, mount and hardware with screws included. The audio output of radio site remoterig is sending too much noise to mic input which cant be corrected by the codec gain settings.

The primary purpose of the arcp programs is to operate a radio using a nearby computer console. After that is was just some software testing and we have a remote controlled ts 480 via internet. Krs 480 programming control software software program memories and other setting of the kenwood ts480 radio. How to setup a panadapter for the kenwood ts480 pa9x. The kenwood network command system can be used for remote control of a transceiver using a network such as the internet or a lan. The free kenwood software that came with the ts 480 worked well, too. Tried to use the ic7300 with rsba1 software and that was a big disappointment. N4py offers rig control software for a wide variety of receivers from the elecraft k3 to the ten tec rx 320 receiver. The dial frequency is taken from the winlink express table. The serial port parameters will then be set to the correct values for the serial communication. Good article and gives us all an idea of how far you can separate the head from the transceiver. We replace the cable between panel and radio with two rrc1258mkii, one connected to the control panel and one connected to the radio. Usb cables free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Remote desktop station is setup for control by the shack pc.

Preparations of ts480 for remote control mode5 updated 100915 all necessary signals between the panel and the radio is connected thru the 6 wire cable between the control panel and the radio. This software can be used with the kenwood network command system for remote operation of the ts480. Watch dx spots, control your radio, and log contacts from anywhere an internet connection is available. If you look into the manual of the kenwood ts480 you will find following information for the connection between the front panel and the radio part. If you do not have a serial port, you can use a usb to serial adapter. Rt systems krs 480 programming \ control software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the kenwood ts 480. I use the ic 7000 for base and the yaesu 857d battery pack. This software can be used to edit, save, and export to the ts480 information such as memory, menu, and auto mode frequencies. Or, if you prefer a real radio, use a flex maestro.

Remote operating for amateur radio ten things to know. Hamradiodeluxe, trxmanager, icom rsba1, kenwood arcp590g, then, remote desktop software is used to reach to the shack pc to operate. The arvp10 software links your tx and rx audio between your pc and your remote ts480, but it is a very basic voip programme. This comes with the 480 andor can be downloaded from kenwood.

Remote operating my ts480 via remoterig by mikrobit ab. N4py software is your source for high quality, effective rig control software for your transceiver. To get the sdr program to synchronize with the frequency of your radio, you also need to connect a serial cable from your ts480 to your computer. Operate stations with just your web browser no hardware or software is required. For a quick and fairly simple remote system, the 200 watt 480 and the remote rig boxes make a great system. After trying several alternatives, including skype, i settled on a great open source voip programme called mumble, because of its low latency, high quality and configurability, details here. You must then select the wanted serial port on each computer. According to their site, it should work with the ts 480, and i feel pretty confident that ive used it with mine. Arcs ii is a free cat program using the advanced features of the ts 2000 to do things the commercial arcp2000 software can not.

Ts480 kenwood network command system setting manual pdf. Kenwood arcp remote control programs make it possible to monitor. While i cant help you directly with ft8, i run a signalink usb with my ts 480 hx. This is a great option for those using the remoterig product for the remote side of a remote control club station. After trying several alternatives, including skype, i settled on a great open source voip programme called mumble, because of its. Receive coverage is 500 khz 30 khz vfoto 60 mhz and direct frequency keypad entry is supported. It features af digital signal processing on both receive and transmit. Kenwood rc480kit control heads rc480kit free shipping. Hrd etc cant use the same control channel as the front panel. Click here for more information this is the first rt systems software that does both. Ive checked the antenna swr, and all electrical and cable connections. You can connect to the 480 using the remote rig system andor using remote desktop and voip software. Kenwood ts480 series transceivers recommended interconnection diagram cw in cw out fsk in ptt in in gnd in shield cw gnd cw out shield fskcw interface board in optional metal enclosure see note 3 see note 3 optional mix 73 or mix 77 ferrite bead 8 places see note 4 gnd key sleeve tip 2conductor 18 phone plug to xcv rrea panel key jack. Relevant models this operations guide is for the ts 480 series ts 480hx and ts 480sat.

Kenwood ts 480hx accessory pack bundle krs 480 programming software cable nifty guide ldg at 200proii tuner astron rs 50m power supply kenwood vgs1 module and ham guides pocket reference card bundle. February 22, 2017 the hf50mhz allmode transceiver ts 480hxsat firmware has been updated from version 1. Using a pc and an internet connection to enjoy transmitting requires the construction of an advanced communications system. Kenwood rc480kit control heads include a full featured extra face plate for the ts480 series transceivers, useful for remote operations where one unit is. Radio control program arcp 480 this free software is an application solely for the use of controlling the kenwood ts 480. Wine users may have difficulties if they have a 64 bit os. Remoterig rrc1258mkii tx sn improvement for kenwood. For amateur radio product software downloads please click on the link below. When you hit tune in the software, adjust your signalink and. Remoterig rrc1258mkii tx sn improvement for kenwood ts480 background when using remoterig with kenwood ts 480 the radio site tx audio signal is fed to the microphone input of the ts 480.

We just need to cut it apart and connect a rrc1258mkii in each end. Using the ts 480 series hereinafter called ts 480 and kenwood network command system hereinafter called kns enables transceiver operations by remote control using a home lan or the internet. Commcat mobile is a free app available through the itunes app store. You can test it with kenwoods arcp480 remote control program. Skype, the voip program that allows audio to be sent back and forth over the internet to and from the 480. If using lcbserialnetwork just start the program and select the ts480 client at home site and the ts480 server at remote site. Can be used to edit, save, and export to the ts 480 information such as memory, menu, and auto mode frequencies. Mark haynes of jvckenwood demonstrates remote control of the ts480s using remoterig duration. Use your usual logging software like dx4win, logger32, dxlab, n1mm, wintest.

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